Two years ago I slipped a disc in my back which prevented me from running and playing golf – two things I love to do. So I took up Pilates to help improve my core strength and flexibility to prevent it happening again. Little by little these have improved and now I feel better able to run and play golf than I have in years. If you want to keep active Pilates is a must. Nikki is a fabulous, expert teacher who is warm, welcoming and pushes you to give your absolute best.



A fun and dynamic Pilates class, I look forward to it envy week. Nikki is lovely, warm instructor, she demonstrates beautifully and explains movements fully, so that you know what you’re aiming for. The classes definitely challenge you but I feel invigorated and more positive at the end of the workout – my ideal would be a daily dose!

Gillian, 50

St Margarets

Nikki’s classes are wonderfully effective, fun and engaging. Nikki’s best quality as a teacher is the way in which she works progressively and intuitively with her students, both individually and as a class. Having attended pilates for many years, my best results have undoubtedly been with Nikki.



Pilates is the one hour in the week I have just for me- so important that I spend it well! Nikki’s classes are dynamic and fun allowing you to simplify or add more challenge when you ready so everyone can push themselves to a level that works for them. My body feels stronger than ever and my mind healthier as a result.



I just love my Tuesday evening Pilates class. The classes are varied using a range of equipment to keep it interesting and challenging. You can set your own pace for the class, concentrating on small core movements or stretching yourself further as you feel able. Exercises are all clearly explained and demonstrated. Nikki gently corrects posture and alignment to ensure we are all getting the most out each move. By the end of the class I feel relaxed but also tired from a work out – perfect!

Isabel, 34


Joining as a complete novice to Pilates, I was slightly nervous. But Nikki’s approach and style meant I could pick thinks up really quickly and effectively. Nikki’s classes are challenging and fulfilling, always giving you tailored feedback throughout. I am always amazed at the incredible variety of exercises and routines Nikki introduce us each week. I worked with Nikki before, during and after pregnancy and I have never seen my body in better shape!



I think that I have probably been coming to Nikki’s classes for around three & half years, starting as a complete beginner. Looking back over this period, I realised not just how much she has taught me but also what fun it has been. Nikki always manages to create an atmosphere in her classes where people have an effective workout but in a very relaxed, supportive environment. She is unfailingly welcoming and encouraging, focusing on the positives and not on the negatives, always recognising people’s achievements. I think that this is really important as pilates is such a personal and different experience for everyone, and people need to feel comfortable in the class, and to be able to participate in a way that works for them.


St Margarets

Nikki is simply a brilliant teacher. She is excellent at explaining and showing by example, encourages you to do your best, and brings a sense of humour to every class.

Keith, 65

St Margarets

Mum and Baby pilates was the perfect way to rebuild my strength and start exercising again. The classes have a really supportive atmosphere (there’s usually one baby who has a lot to say, often mine…!) and Nikki is a fantastic teacher – she really pays attention to each individual and gives recommendations and corrections throughout, which can be rare in a group class. I would recommend this class to all new Mum’s!

Lottie, 35